• Coding and Robotics Lab

  • The CAB Lab is a Coding and Robotics Lab that was created during the 2018-19 school year. This is a repurposed art room that had not been used since 2007. With the help of a STEAM grant from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, the staff was able to bring this project to life. In the CAB Lab, students learn about technology, specifically writing code to program software and robots. Students love learning about the tools that are available in the CAB Lab such as Ozobots, Drones, Spheros, Little Bits, Makey Makey, Hummingbird, and Lego Wedo. Once the students understand how the tools work, then comes the purposeful integration of technology into the content of the traditional classrooms.  Students in 6th grade where learning about angles in math and used the Spheros to trace the perimeter of the square. 4th grade students were writing a bullying policy for the district and read the book “Wonder.” Lego Wedo kits helped students create their own Augie character that they then coded to fling into outer space just like the story text read.

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